Tasha taking us on a user journey from 6000 years ago, when numbers apoeared for farmers
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e-Commerce fail for GameStop

Why was it so hard to buy a digital download through @GameStop‘s website?
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screenshot-GameStop checkout screen

Through trial & error I figured out I was clicking on the “wrong” PayPal button. Here’s the sequence of events:

  1. Son sends link to game he wants
  2. Follow link to GameStop and log in
  3. Add game to cart, and click on cart
  4. Click on ‘Checkout with PayPal’ button
  5. Taken to PayPal, login, and get returned to GameStop
  6. Verify Age
  7. Next screen, click ‘submit order’ and…


screenshot - GameStop checkout page

Of course I try the process multiple times before calling, only to be told that they cannot help place digital orders and have I tried a different device and/or browser? Answers – I don’t have another device and yes both Safari & Chrome give the same error. Oh well, can’t help.

After hanging up the stubborn in me tries one more time, but this time I click on the green button labelled ‘Continue Checkout’ which is next to the PayPal button. This time I get a different screen, one asking for my address etc., and then a traditional payment method option screen. Choosing PayPal there puts me through to PayPal and back (as before) but this time the payment works. No error.

I have no idea why one doesn’t work and the other does. The error message was no help, neither was telephone support. So frustrating!

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Piloting a new product is always nerve-racking…

This week we piloted the latest version of our B2B product, and it went really well. Not only a new UI, but new functionality too.

Months and months of research, design, coding, and testing can never prepare me for that feeling of putting it out into the wild for the first time. I always have Jared Spool’s Magic Escalator in the back of my mind – Am I introducing too much and moving our users the wrong way?

Thankfully this wasn’t the case. Seems, during lunch, an order had to be placed. Someone who’d never been shown the new version hopped on and placed it while everyone else was out. I’ll add that to the WIN column.

Obviously there’s still things we have to look at. Contrast on the old monitors being used was an issue, and photos taken of the users in action bore that out, so work to be done there. But having the text pass a base WCAG level put us in a good place for the majority of labels etc.

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