Differences in #indieweb readers using microformats or RSS as your feed source

Differences in #indieweb readers using microformats or RSS as your feed source

I’m currently using a beta of Aperture as my microsub endpoint and it’s working very well. I can point two Indieweb readers, Together (web) and Indigenous (Android), at it and see posts. This also gives me the power to like, reply, and re-post any of those too – Syndicating them to my blog and to Twitter if I want.

One thing I did notice was how those articles were appearing, depending on if I used the microformats or RSS feed. Here’s what a single post (syndicated Instagram photo) looked like using RSS, and then microformats.

my post with RSS
Post using RSS feed
Post using microformats feed
Post using microformats feed

For the microformats feed the image, date posted, and who posted it are all missing.

I first noticed this from Jeremy Keith‘s feed who had photos being pulled through but not the details of the author. This got a little confusing as I was scrolling through the feeds and not seeing who some posts were coming from.

screenshot of Adactio's post
Adactio’s feed has photo’s but not who posted it.

I’m assuming this comes about as we all mark-up our content in different ways. Especially if we use services to syndicate from Twitter and Instagram.

I’ll have to start looking at the consistency of my own mark-up, but in the mean time I’m going to switch to RSS for everything in Aperture.

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Thanks for the update. I’d be happy to beta test when its ready 🙂
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Pulling the plug on @tumblr, and why is @feedly so hard to use?

I’ve now unfollowed everyone on Tumblr. It’s been turning into a dust bowl for me, people I followed haven’t been posting in years. Since the ads made the app annoying for me to use, I’ve never visit the site, it was time.

My follow list don’t use tumblr

Anyone still posting (not just re-posting) was moved over to Feedly. All of my content has been imported to this blog months ago so, goodbye Tumblr.

Now. About Feedly. Why is it so obstructive to use?

I tried going through and weeding through my RSS feeds and basically had to give up.

There seems no way to see all your feeds in one place, and mange them accordingly. Everything has to be a “collection”. Those only show a few on the screen at any one time. So you have to keep expanding and collapsing boxes to make simple changes. It got to the point where I deleted everything (after an OPML export) and started fresh, but that hasn’t been much easier.

Have to change this manually for every feed I add :-/

Every feed has to be in a collection. So I ended up creating one collection called “feeds”, which now sits under their label, “feeds”. After searching and adding each one I have to individually edit them to make sure I’m seeing the latest, not latest & most popular.

I never care about most popular.

But at least now I can start trimming duplicates from Twitter as I head back down the RSS consumption path. If anyone has a good feedreader recommendation, please let me know.

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Weeding out the dead links in my RSS feeds. 30mo, 48mo, 70mo since last post. So many domains gone like PingMag.jp that were staples.

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I have listened to 28 articles (7.49 hours) on @NarroApp and I feel amazing!
#RSS #podcast #listen

Surprised @FeedReaderOn is still up & running. Imported OPML to give it a try.

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Tired of my inbox being a repository of the unread. Unsubscribing all but a select few personally written newsletters. Heading back to #RSS.

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