Collaborative time-lapse project…

Whilst surfing around for information on a release date for Ron Fricke’s film Samsara, I stumbled upon the Pulse of Life Project.  This was a project that took place in 2003 and consisted of 40 people around the world shooting time lapse footage on one cartridge of Super8, on the same day.

These cartridges where then edited together and the film is now available to download for free.

It’s these collaborative projects and mash-ups that continually make the web such an interesting treasure trove.

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Obligatory personal moan posting…

Every blog should have one, so here’s mine.

Thursday I had an impacted wisdom tooth removed (yanked out using a large metal instrument and two doses of Novocaine). It went pretty well, not much pain until after I walked out and felt all kinds of woozy and my jaw really started to throb. Penicillin, codeine and the next day off for a little R & R. Julie let me just chill which was very cool of her.

Just another two to go. Now I feel a lot better for Mothers Day here in the US.

Bring on the burgers and cake.

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