Hmm. I guess I’m on the fence @kyle_wm. While I agree that it’s not a primary goal of #indieweb, #POSSE can’t be viewed as legacy support that will go away. I see it as a vital way to stay in touch with the rest of the web (as long as those silos allow it). I feel self-hosting will remain, for the most part, unobtainable to the masses.

Just me trying to reply to this, on my blog, uses too many hoops at the moment.


Awoke to a Kingdom still United. Means I don’t have to recycle my avatars that use the Union Jack 🙂

In my eyes it wasn’t a landslide, and I can understand the motivations behind the ‘YES’ vote, but I feel this was the right decision.

Tracking #indiewebcamp

This week there’s an IndieWebCamp going on in Brighton. I’ve set up a hashtag search on Twitter to look at later.

Some interesting stuff coming through from Jeremy Keith about web actions. Also I had to jump back on IRC to garner some assistance as the ‘Social’ WP plugin stopped working when I updated to WordPress 4. Now trying out (we’ll see how is works with this post).

The future of a Twitter alternative?

I think the boat has sailed though @inkblurt. I’d love to see a meld of @davewiner’s & @t’s work. An RSS “river” (timeline) of people chatting to each other through their own blogs.

That way the need to foster “engagement” and “brand awareness” is virtually non-existent.