Resize your UX

This was¬†Marti Gukeisen’s talk about dealing with jumps in scope etc.

  • Focusing¬†on outputs instead
  • Structure your deliverables
  • Determine the goals
  • Understand the environment
  • Plan¬†the interactions
  • Validate & assess
  • Document the plan
  • When is it OK to cut corners? When you (or¬†everybody¬†else) already knows the answer
  • Focus on the 20% (when testing) that’s different, not the 80% that’s the same

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Not taking any chances

After my issues at IAS12 I’ve decided to take some back-up. Not only will have a trusty moleskine notebook (good for sketchnoting, thanks to Veronica), I’ll also have my replacement phone, and a netbook.

I’m not sure if I’ll take the netbook around the sessions or not, but it’s nice to know I’ll have connectivity¬†in case¬†this phone decides to join the “choir invisible” too.