Ma.gnolia goes open source…

Great news from Larry and the gang over at Ma.gnolia.

Today at Gnomedex they announced M2, a project to completely re-write ma.gnolia from the ground up and making it an open source project which means it “can be downloaded to remix and run as your own”.

Ma.gnolia has been the keeper of my social bookmarks for sometime now, and I had the opportunity meet Larry and Todd at SXSW last year.

I’m excited about this because they have always had an eye to what’s happening on the web (OpenID etc.) and being one of the first responders.

It's all about sharing your content…

With the rumor mill humming with “all-you-can-hear iTunes for $130” I think NPR’s announcement slipped under my radar.

NPR has implemented an API which will give you access to audio, text and images from their archive, dating back to 1995. Now a fair bit is still off-limits (Fresh Air, Radio Labs) probably due to it being owned by sources other than NPR, this is still a great for the web-troika crowd, where aggregation is the big thing.

  • Companies could search and re-publish stories that mention them
  • Organizations and causes have access to a wealth of relevant content that can be served up through widgets
  • Individuals could create their own RSS feeds

They seem to have some documentation covering their own NPRML, but they can also return RSS, JSON, etc.  I’m looking forward to some of this great content resurfacing in the most unlikely of places.

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Lost tapes of the Dr Who composer

Delia Derbyshire was the person that actually played the original Dr Who theme and now they’ve found recordings of other music she made whilst at the BBC. This includes a dance track 20 years ahead of it’s time! What better person to interview about this than Paul Hartnoll of Orbital.Can’t wait until more of her recordings are made public.Shared with Flock – The Social Web Browser

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What my son will never see…

We’ve just taken ownership of Julie’s “new car”. It’s a 2005 Saturn and one thing we noticed was there was no cigarette lighter. Something I had taken for granted in every car I’ve really been in, even though I don’t smoke.

This got me thinking – what items would my son, now 4 years old, never experience in his day-to-day life that I took for granted.

So I started this list. Anyone have anything else?

  • car cigarette lighters
  • audio tapes
  • video tapes
  • rotary phones (and possibly land lines too)
  • TV static (all TV’s are due to go digital in 2009)
  • longwave radio

Being eco-friendly and “going green”

We’ve been thinking about “doing our bit” for the environment and this year is when we’ve started.

We went out and got some tote bins to separate the recycling, located the local drop-off point and got going.  It’s a pretty simple habit to get into and I was really surprised how much plastic1st weeks recycled plastics and cardboard we threw away!  I’m now only putting out two small binliners for collection on garbage day-this opposed to the two bins plus extra bags I had to haul out every Monday night.

I was also lucky enough to get a beta invite to Edenbee, a social network solely focussed on the environment.   You can see how my carbon footprint is doing  and look at the goals I have set.

A problem I’ve run into is no one seems to know what to do with all the recyclable plastics marked with anything but a 1 or 2.  I’ve contacted the collection company, the State and left a voicemail for the City but nothing.  They all think it should go somewhere but just don’t know where.  If I find out I’ll post here.

More soon.

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39 Today…

Lemon pound cake from Starbucks39 years old today.  I had a great dinner cooked for me around the in-laws yesterday.  Roast beef and Yorkshire puddings along with a couple of Guinness’s.great gift

Julie surprised me tonight with a whole lemon pound cake from Starbucks.  I LOVE THIS and always try and get a slice when popping in for a drink.

Now I have to practice self-restraint 🙂

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Without the Internet would this exist?

Julie sent me a link today (she’s good like that) for a site where you can pay Palestinians to spray paint your message on the wall dividing them in the West Bank and they’ll send you 3 photos of it.

It is romantic (her email title), noble, slightly scary and exactly the thing that I love the internet for.

Check out for more details.


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