Emily Lewis – Take Your Markup to 11

Emily’s presentation covered a lot of items I use on a regular basis; POSH, Microformats, Microdata, and ARIA. Also, anyone who uses a ‘This Is Spinal Tap" video clip and ‘Firefly’ references is good in my book.

If you don’t take the time to learn, you’re not doing your job.


  1. Use POSH (Plain Old Semantic HTML)
  2. <main> is now part of HTML5 
  3. Microdata is made up by itemtype & itemproperty
  4. Microdata has a “lot of bloat” compared to microformats
  5. Microdata and microformats can be used together and it won’t break anything; Rich Snippets consumes both.
  6. ARIA not needed for some of the HTML5 elements such as <main>

Makes no sense to throw frosting on crap

Emily has made all of the links she listed available at http://emilylewisdesign.com/RustbeltRefresh/.

Val Head – Finding Your Perfect Web Type Match

Val gave a great overview of the disparities of using fonts on the web, as well as the pitfalls you may come across. Though she didn’t get too technical. Would have like to have see something more mentioned about font stacks.


  • When choosing a font think role / durability / availability / context
  • High contrast is good; Small x-heights are not
  • webfontspecimen.com is a good tool to check fonts before use
  • Reading Edge fonts from Font Bureau
  • Use the ‘What Font’ Chrome extension to see which fonts others have used.
  • Companies can sometimes have different versions of the same font.
  • Type hosting vs. self hosting
  • Compile a group of 5 of your core fonts

Val’s slides = https://speakerdeck.com/valhead/finding-your-perfect-web-type-match

The kitty has been updated.

Jonathan Penn