Google videochat denied…

I was looking forward to trying the latest whizzbang from Google.  Videochat.  But after clicking on the “get started” button in both Flock and Chrome, all I got was this 404 error.

Maybe it’ll be up tomorrow. Another case of Google running before it can work?

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The in-between is where it's at…

NPR had an interesting piece about leftover TV spectrum this morning. With all broadcast TV going digital in the USA, by February 17th 2009, that leaves a big chunk of “whitespace” in the spectrum.

At least one company is pushing to offer wifi access in this space which, as the NPR reports suggests, would be great for remote and isolated areas who still rely on dail-up. The White Spaces Coalition is pushing for this but there seems to be a lot of diverse opposition, including Dolly Parton.

My ideal set-up would be that the telco’s just become gatekeepers. I pay you a flat fee and can browse, view, upload, download, or listen to whatever I want on the web, using whatever device I want. The constraint would be the hardware limitations of my device – not where/what I was browsing and how much bandwidth it used.

With this, WiMax, and a slew of other technologies, 2009 looks to be a very interesting year to be connected.

LinkedIn applications are here

A while ago a group of us were chatting about LinkedIn and how it still didn’t offer a lot of the social network doo-dads that others sites, such as Facebook, does. Since then there has been a slow procession of functionality creeping into my Profile.

First there was Answers, which let you post, & reply to, questions from other users.  Then, after a redesign, came Groups and the ability to update your status.

Now LinkedIn has introduced Applications.  This lets you embed applications along the same lines as Facebook.  They are business-oriented; SlideShare, Company Buzz, and Huddle to name a few.

I’ve added SlideShare but I’m getting a lot of server errors when viewing which I’m hoping is down to volume at the moment.

It’ll be interesting how far they go along this route and truly become a “Facebook for business”.

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