Ditching “social media” for May

I’ve decided to remove Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat from my tablet & phone for a month. I’m also going to refrain from logging in on my laptop too. I’m also not going to being posting to those platforms either.

Now this isn’t a reaction to the #DeleteFacebook trend at the moment (I’ve not ventured on there for years now), but more a personal pause of social media in general. I’ve still been keeping up with RSS feeds but not a regular as I’d like, and with SmugMug’s acquisition of Flickr possibly breathing new life into an old favourite it may be time to revisit some of the old haunts.

Let’s see how long this lasts 🙂

Even the stories are in non-chronological, non-alphabetical order. Why @instagram? Why?
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My @Twitter timeline is out-of-order posts, duplicates, a complete mess @TwitterSupport. How am I supposed to consume this, let alone participate?

Screenshot of my Twitter timeline

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Trying to navigate the increasing shitshow that @Twitter is becoming…

I’ve been spending increasingly less time on Twitter, but it’s still the only way to keep up with some people I know, or find interesting. This weekend has particular tiresome, so I’m taking some extra steps…


Every 5th entry is an ad. Not much I can do about that seemingly. Twitter’s stance is never that I do not want to see ads, rather that it wasn’t showing me the right ones. This makes is fruitless to interact with the menu options for them. Now I just ‘mute’ the account that it’s from. Tricky part is when the tweet isn’t be the company, but an individual and the advertiser is “promoting” it. That means I have to mute both.


On my tablet I switched to Twitter Lite. This is the web version. It’s been good, especially removing the ad once muted (something the official app doesn’t too). Also it has ‘data saver mode’ which means it doesn’t fully load images or videos unless you interact with them. I’m now using that on my phone too.

Culling follow list

Since being on Twitter for about a decade now I’ve picked up a lot of accounts that no longer tweet, or even exist. Time to cut down and look at what the ones to keep are tweeting about. If it’s re-tweeting a lot of crap. Done.

Let’s hope Twitter can right itself and put measures in place to stop the downward spiral it’s on at the moment.

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