Inability of #GoogleHome to stream “my music” is a deal breaker

All of my music lives in Google Play. Anything I’ve purchased or uploaded sits there so I can stream it to my Nexus devices. Unfortunately this is the main thing that I want @madebygoogle’s‏ Google Home to do, and it can’t.

Currently, you can’t directly play uploaded or purchased Google Play Music content on Google Home.

Listening to music on Google Home

This is just ridiculous. Especially after a year or so of being out. The workaround is create a playlist that includes all my uploaded music and tell Google Home to “play playlist”. This really isn’t a solution. I don’t want to listen to my whole collection, in order. Making this still a deal breaker for me buying one.

Currently I have an Amazon Alexa. I have a limited amount of music I’m allowed to upload to their cloud service, but at least when it’s there I can reference it by artist/album name and it’ll play it (most of the time).

I really want to get one, but until it can stream my music from, well, My Music it’s not going to happen.

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Sigur Rós – Valtari [Full Album Stream]

Sigur Rós – Valtari [Full Album Stream]

released in may 2012, ‘valtari’ is the the 6th album by sigur rós

0:00 Ég anda / 6:15 Ekki múkk / 13:59 Varúð / 20:37 Rembihnútur / 25:42 Dauðalogn / 32:19 Varðeldur / 38:27 Valtari / 46:46 Fjögur píanó /

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Grabbed the latest album by @Jlin_P ‏, ‘Dark Energy‘, and it’s great! Been on rotation all day.
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