Keynote – Jared Spool

Excellent as always


A great wrap-up from Jared Spool. Well attended and, as always, he shared great insights along with a few laughs.


  • 37Signals – How would I use this thing?
  • “Self Design” (dog fooding) – You  use it everyday. What frustrates you, you will end up fixing it for you and for everyone else.
  • “Unintentional Design” – Focused on back end. Not worth spending time on it as training will sort out any issues.
  • “Genuis Design” – Relying on what we’ve taught ourselves because, “we know users”, based on our previous experiences.
  • “Activity Focused Design” – Users, activities, make lists, “fills in the gap between activities”.
  • Styleguides & rules don’t work (2 yr stydy)
  • Take 2 hrs every 6 weeks watching people use the design.
  • Design patterns = GOOD  / Style guides = BAD

Session 10 – Where Web Typography Goes To Next

Really looking forward to hear Richard Rutter talk. Passing on the @zeldman talk.


Once again Richard Rutterdelivered one of the defining talks (for me) at SXSWi. My notes are below and you can see the slides and listen to the talk at  Though most of this is still not wholly implementable, it clarifies what is to come, and yet again highlights the importance of “the experience” to the user and how small things can have a great impact.


  • 326 DPI is the future!
  • CSS1 – using “light" is the same as font-weight: 200; (400/normal, 700/bold)
  • Its important for the font-family name to be all the same
  • CSS3 – font-stretch: condensed;
  • "bliss” is a web font with weights
  • Ligature glyphs -> text-rendering: optimizelegibility; (try on headings in Safari)
  • Great examples on screen
  • CSS3 – font-varient-ligatures
  • CSS3 – font-varient-alternates
  • None of this works, YET! Only FF4 will do something with font-feature-setting
  • Richard showing great demo of turning off/on features in FF4
  • Differences in font /screen rendering:
    • ClearType = smooths/horizontal
    • DirectWrite = both directions/hinting info (IE9 VistaSP2)
    • Apple

Q: What happens if you use find in the browser?
A: See letters not ligatures

Q: What about performance?
A: Can be a hit when using web fonts

Session 9 – HTML5: The Web’s Dead

Panel discussion


  • Apps are single focussed tasks, HTML opens experiences
  • educate clients. business goals over trends
  • HTML5 closing gap between plug-in experiences

<div>’s are just stupid – @waxpraxis