Getting ready…

So I’m off. Back to the UK for my first visit after 6 years since moving to Ohio.

I’m going to use this to upload sights, sounds and thoughts from my trip.

Logging my travels…

So I’m heading back to Blighty after 6 years.  I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of my friends as well as spending time with family.  On the flip side I’m really going to miss Julie & Josh.

Instead of trying to update lots of different places online whilst I’m away I’ve set up a tumblelog specifically for the trip.  After checking, I should be able to send audio, video and photos to it from my phone, which is good.

Hopefully it’ll be blogging per normal on my return.

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Help! I've lost my blog…

So A couple of weeks ago, when preparing to move RefreshCleveland across, I inadvertanly wiped my WordPress db clean! Bugger!  Add to that problems I had with RefreshCleveland, it wasn’t a great week.

I’ve managed to get both installed now and reclaimed the older posts for this blog.  They were still being housed at Blogger.  My newer posts however only exists as search results.  Which is a good thing.

I did a search through Google with the term "blog archive" which returned all my posts (thankfully not many) and the comments in the cache.

As I grabbed each one into Evernote, which kept the HTML intact (thank you), I’m planning on adding these back in manually, with the same publish date. I know that any SEO “juice” is long gone as they’ll have different URLs.  If I have time I could update the .htaccess, but I think I’ll just wait until Google crawls them again.  The comments will be there but as part of the content. Now I need to set-up some WordPress backup or cron job to save this and Refresh.

Lessons learned.