Workshops chosen

To be honest it was hard choosing which of the all day workshops I was going to attend. Though I am going with my boss, which means we can divide & conquer, I still had to think long and hard about what was going to be of interest to me.

I finally chose Bill Scott’s Designing Rich Interactive Experiences on Monday, and Hagan Rivers’ – Simplifying Complex Applications for Wednesday.

I had missed Bill’s talk at SXSW this year which I really wanted to see, and I’ve enjoyed Hagan’s talks for the UIE Virtual Seminars.  Both seem to fit the work I’m currently undertaking too. 

New Facebook is too much work

Facebook have gone and made some changes again. Of course there’s the normal slew of “show your disgust” posts whenever Team Zuckerberg make the slightest tweak, but these latest changes just reinforce my reluctance to spend much time on the site.

I know I’m not typical and I really just use Facebook to check if its someone’s birthday, play a couple of games and that’s it really. But every-time I go on there it seems I have to do something to accommodate their new feature. Facebook never seems to be doing anything for me.

Take Lists for example.

I set up a few lists early on to organize my friends into where I knew them from (UK, Optiem, Progressive, etc.), but now Facebook have created their own lists and given them top billing. Problem with this is not everyone who is in my Progressive co-worker list is in theirs. This means I either have to merge the two, or sort through each one and add/delete people.  There seems to be no option for me to delete or hide their list (at least not from first glance) which is only populated by people who have indicated they work at a company.  So now I have a lot of duplicate lists I have to sort out.

Same thing with the re-vamped News Feed.  “Top” stories are marked and I have to sift through and unmark them. Or try and find some buried settings to revert it back to just streaming all posts into the main column.  I don’t need options to rate or hide them.  And that separate little ticker in the corner, whats that for?

Like I said, I don’t spend a lot of time using the site and I don’t hate anything about it.  Its their site and they can design it however they want.  It just seems I always have to do a lot of work every-time I go in there which doesn’t make it enticing for me to spend any more time in there than I do already.

Looking forward to November

Registration, flight, and hotel are now all booked for UI16.

This will be the first UIE conference I’ve attended, so I’m really looking forward to the workshops and talks.  It will also be the first time I’ve been to Boston too.

Just like for SXSWi, I’m going to be using Tumblr to capture notes, photos and video while I’m there.

Being hit by odd comment spam

Today alone I’ve had 56 comments, for various posts on this site, all spam. This is day 3 like this.

Now I know this isn’t a highly trafficked site and I do get waves of spam every now and again, but this is a little different.

Sure they’re easy to spot. The single sentence that has at least one word misspelled (on purpose) to make you think its not a bot. The content is the usual vague “great post, just waht i was looking for” which bears little or no connection to the post.

The odd thing is instead of the names being linked to, they are all linking to Facebook, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Apparently I’m not alone in this. Pyry Lehdonvirta blogged about the same thing in April.

Has the spam software blown a fuse as some commenter’s on Pyry’s site suggest, or is it more nefarious, using legitimate links to get the comment in. If so how does this help them? Maybe to just justify charging some poor sap for their “service”.

Anyone else found this a problem?


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