First use of an iPad2

Just used a Roller Derby Girls iPad2 to signup & win an iPad2. She smacked-talked the Burning River girls of Cleveland (grrr). 🙂

Session 8 – The Man in the Van Needs Geo Location

More location based goodness


  • ServiceMax provides support for the man in the van
  • SimpleGEO is a platform to help users find places
  • Geolocate parts for field service . Drivers can find another driver with the part he needs
  • Get around the “big brother” by meshing into company in making it more transparent
  • Create reverse heat maps for cabbie/limo services to focus on the need instead of just driving around looking
  • No tech barrier. Define the benefits.
  • send messages out, but only friends who are not in-front of me get it
  • UPS/Fedex should use this to drop off to me if I’m close by, and not leave sli pon my door
  • Not always on – opt-out when wanted (change mangement)
  • Rate your driver/drivers rate customers. Decentralize feedback can incentivise and exceed objectives
  • Need new systems for “in-building” locales (vertical) Hotels, Malls, etc.