Building bendable content

Talk by Sara Wachter-Boettcher about breaking out of the current content models and seeing your content as “chunky” peanut butter ūüėȬ†

  • content is chunky
  • think ‘relational’¬†not¬†‘hierarchical’
  • purpose
  • go from page to parts
  • content stacking vs. interdigitation (Trent Walton)

Lots of ideas on how to move the input of content forward and free it from CMS’s and markup. Companion to Karen McGranes talk at IAS12.

Thinking beyond the device

This was Derek Featherstone’s talk. It was a really good (as always) talk, guiding us through, and¬†dissecting changes made to, the UXCamp Ottawa 2011 website.¬†

  • people love their devices
  • not about specific resolutions, but rather resolution ranges
  • the device is part of the context
  • changes to the website call to action: change register button to email address field if date has passed or sold out
  • create a context map, plotting¬†importance¬†of items over time, relative to the event
  • think about how the site changes over its lifetime
  • content priority based on geo-location

Content, in context, is King.