After a month off social media…

I took a self-imposed break from Instagram & Twitter in May. The urge to check either service dissipated quickly, and it was only when prompted by friends with a “did you see?” that I remembered there was something I used to do.

Now, almost a month after taking the break, I don’t check social media that much. I haven’t even been posting; 6 posts to Instagram, the same to Twitter (syndicated from this blog).

I’ve only added the Instagram app back on my phone so I can post to it. It doesn’t appear on my home screen. Twitter hasn’t gone back on my phone or tablet.

I realized I have not “written” for a long time too. Like this, more than a snippet. Not that I’m a huge wordsmith, but I did log a lot more diary-like posts here in the past.

I’m sure the desire to check in will rise, but for now the focus and breathing room persists.

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Wow. Time flies. 7 years ago I started using @untappd.
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Currently seasoning cast iron, and stinking up the house.
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Playing ‘The Thing’
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Josh’s first concert…

Had a great time with Josh, taking him to see Imagine Dragon‘s Evolve Tour at Blossom Music Center.

Neither of us had been to Blossom before, and this was his first concert so we wanted it to make an impression.

Concert - Imagine Dragons 2018

As the band had a mini stage up near us, Josh got to high-five some of them when they walked past!

I only knew a couple of their songs (and this didn’t convert me) but the confetti cannons, balloons, lights, and some great graphics all made for a really good show. This was for Josh anyway, and he had a blast!

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Seeing @imaginedragons with @joshuajohnmead for his first concert.
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