Settled in for Sunday night
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That sounds delicious. Never thought of adding eggs & bacon to oatmeal before, though I’ve seen @robataka’s #savoryoatmeal loaded with spinach, shiitake and fire roasted tomatoes.

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Hope everyone’s ok. Fire on a street opposite.
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I ❤️ this:

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Trying to fix SSL errors

So adding the SSL cert went fairly quickly following @mediatemple directions, but I still got ‘non-secure’ messages in the browser. Turns out I still had ‘Potential Passive Mixed Content’ errors. Thanks to @aaronpk, @HeNeArXn, and @khurtwilliams for pointing out some things to check, like:

  • Setting the correct ‘WordPress Address’ and ‘Site Address’ in General Settings
  • Checking URLs in your CSS and blogroll links – I use for adding favicons next to links
  • WordPress profile settings for website and profile picture
  • Links to stylesheets used by WordPress plugins

There’s also some URLs to images in WordPress I’ve got to fix too. Using Missing Padlock helped identify some of these things.

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