My friend Chris recently embraced ‘minimalism’ and has been posting his progress and musings over at his blog and on Twitter/Instagram. He also is heading up the group for Cleveland.

With that, a second Android device, and the recent glut of online sites & services I use shutting down, I felt it time to consolidate or shed a lot of my digital footprint.

I used the hashtag #DigitalCleanse on Twitter as I started listing the steps I’ve been taking:

  1. Leaving LinkedIn groups – I’ve never got into using LinkedIn as a social network to discuss topics and “share”. The few groups I did join seemed to spend as much time getting rid of overzealous recruiters as it did posting about the topics. I cut the email down to digests, but even that just clogged up my inbox. So I’ve left them all.
  2. Closing “alternate” accounts – Over the years I’ve opened a lot of accounts on (then) new services. Sometimes multiple accounts for businesses, groups, or just for a laugh. Time to shut these down, or pass them on to others. This also enables me to consolidate and focus my content.
  3. Turn off notifications – Now with multiple devices, every time an email or social network updates they’d both ping and chirp, demanding my attention during the day. To what end? Most of the time it wasn’t something that needed a reply, but my focus had been broken and shifted. So the only things that make noise or display an alert are phone calls & text messages.

I’ll jot down future steps as I’m exploring the idea of “spaces” with apps like Cover and Aviate. Also Merlin Mann spoke about “modes” for sleep etc., ¬†which fits in with the direction I heading.

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