There’s been quite the buzz around Twitter for the past couple of weeks and apparently tomorrow (well, today as I type this very late) is going to be a “very big day“. Now that could mean anything from Oprah is now using it to they’ve sold out to Google or Facebook and its being closed down.

My hunch is going to be about funding or the unveiling of a revenue/advertising model.

One things for sure. Since the announcement the Doug Bowman was leaving Google and joining Twitter there’s been a ramp up on the look and feel of the site. Subtle changes depending on users and even where you are logging in from.

My Twitter (advertising?) 2009-04-03I first started noticing a small box giving tips and insights about Twitter and the culture of “tweeting”.  Is this a foreshadowing of where we can expect to see advertising go?

As I don’t visit the site much (I use tweetdeck) I’ve been making a point to login from time to time to see if anything else was being changed.

First the pagination at the bottom of the page was replaced by a “more” bottom which expand the list of tweets. Another little bit of Javascript goodness I noticed is the post notification that appears at the top of the screen.

All the other major tweaks have been happening in the right side bar.  Look at the differences between my page and @jules23‘s, taken seconds apart. She has a little indicator on what section she is looking at as well as a search box and trending topics.

Today I noticed that the information in the sidebar has been condensed even further. Updates, Favorites, and Following are the only three options there.

Hopefully the announcement will clear up some of the rumors and we’ll able to see where all this current iterations will take us.

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2 thoughts on “Twitter’s big announcement?

    • I believe it ended up being Oprah starting to tweet. Oh and Ashton Kutcher getting a million followers. I wonder where all the “cool” kids are going to head to now, as its starting to get popular? :-)

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