This week there’s an IndieWebCamp going on in Brighton. I’ve set up a hashtag search on Twitter to look at later.

Some interesting stuff coming through from Jeremy Keith about web actions. Also I had to jump back on IRC to garner some assistance as the ‘Social’ WP plugin stopped working when I updated to WordPress 4. Now trying out (we’ll see how is works with this post).

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Here’s a rule of thumb I’ve been implementing recently. If it goes somewhere, use a link <a href="url"> and if it does something, use a button <button>edit</button>.

This is of course in your markup, and you can style them to look opposite if you want, but I generally try to keep them resembling the object if I can.

If you have to use Javascript, try and use <a href="#0"> as the URL/target. I got that from Chris Coyier‘s really good post on when to use a button.

I remember attending SXSWi 2008, mingling with the cool kids at the ‘Great British Boozeup’, swapping favorite websites with a couple of people. I asked another attendee if she’d ever visited Netdiver? It’s so good. Always something cool I enthused. Oh, I’m glad to hear that. I’m Carole Guevin — That’s my site.


I can’t believe that was 6 years ago now. You see, before then my morning routine meant visiting my favorite 20 sites individually each morning to see if anything had been updated, Netdiver was always top of my list. But, like a lot of other things, it fell by the wayside.

These day’s I’m only just dusting off my RSS feeds and getting back into the habit of reading them. One of those feeds was, where I saw that Netdiver is back!

Now Netdiver has reclaimed it’s spot in my Feedly as something I check all the time. You should take a look too.

One of my photos was selected for the curated Levis® Commuter™ x VSCO Grid™. I think that’s cool :-)

I really like using the VSCOcam app on my Nexus. It lets me control the filters and settings a lot more than stock one’s baked in to Instagram, Google, etc. They also have a magazine and community which is a nice extra. Though I don’t put as much as I should on my grid, these partnership with brands along with a specific preset is very cool intro.

I really like the Mad Max trilogy, and yes, I even like most of the third one. But the new trailer out of #SDCC highlights how much in-camera stunt work we’ve been missing out on (The Raid & Raid 2 not included) in recent years.

Miller seems to have turned everything up to 11. Definitely seeing this on a big screen next year.